Not All Whey Protein Powders Are Equal!

The Whey Protein Powder Industry is Full of Misinformation...and Plant Protein Powders Have Significant Limitations!

Learn What Is Not Commonly Known!

99% of all whey protein powders are structurally changed, making them unusable & toxic to your body and therefore a waste of your money.

Learn how to evaluate each of them...


In this exclusive report, we'll reveal
  • Why whey protein powders that are heat sterilized are toxic to your liver, kidneys and deplete your pancreas
  • How non-denatured Lactoferrin, (found in cold sterilized whey protein concentrate), can not only keep viruses from entering cells, but it has been shown to inhibit cancer growth and stop if from spreading!
  • ​Why it is critical to boost your detoxification mechanisms every day and how cold sterilized whey protein concentrate is the most effective and well tolerated means of doing this
  • ​Why cold sterilized whey protein concentrate is hands down the most important survival or long term storage food there is
  • How others have had robust improvements in their health or athleticism and much, much more!

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